what to watch #003

Number 3! We're doing good, and we've got a good showing this month. Two excellent documentaries, that are both free and available on Youtube. Then a wonderful movie on PrimeVideo. All three we are certain you will enjoy. So until next month, be sound peeple!

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten (2007)

Directed by; Julien Temple.

Starring; too many to properly list here..

An examination of the life of one of my heroes, Joe Strummer. What a life! Featuring a plethora of guests speaking on the man himself, and crafted by the wonderful genius that is Julien Temple. This is one you will not regret taking the time to watch!

Available on YouTube.


Better Than Therapy (2008)

Directed by; Jordan Copeland.

Starring; Stewart Copeland, Sting, Andy Summers..

Following The Police on their 2007 reunion tour, this behind-the-scenes documentary is certainly a sight to behold. It includes exclusive interviews from the trio, from the rocky rehearsals all the way to headlining stadiums around the world. It's a unique look at the nature of a band and the relationships within. Including some incredibly funny moments, particularly from Stewart Copeland

"Just because it's a little fucking confusing for the bass playing element"

Available on YouTube.


God Help the Girl (2014)

Directed and Written by; Stuart Murdoch.

Starring; Emily Browning, Hannah Murray & Olly Alexander..

This film is a charming affair!. Written, directed and scored by the magnificent Stuart Murdoch, of Belle and Sebastian fame. If you're a fan of the group this film will be a treat. The music is sublime and the performances are on par also. A cosy watch would be a good description.

Available on PrimeVideo.



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