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Updated: May 13, 2021

We're doing it, we're actually doing it! We'll keep this one short and brief. We've FOUR great picks for you to sit back, relax and enjoy this month. Have fun peeple!

The Dirt (2019)

One of the craziest bands around, captured in true form. Based of their autobiography, also titled The Dirt (great book, highly recommended reading), this film is a thrill ride through the career of one of the wildest bands to exist.

Available to watch on Netflix.

High Fidelity (2000)

One of our all time, top five favourite movies. D'ya get the reference? Well you will once you watch this. Based off the acclaimed novel by Nick Hornby. High Fidelity tells the story of Rob, a record shop owner, as he traverses life and love while being at a crossroads in his life. Have we said it also stars a young Jack Black?

Available to watch on Star, on DisneyPlus.

Across the Universe (2007)

This month in our celebrating series, we paid some to love to the Beatles. Let's continue that appreciation by watching Across the Universe. This jukebox musical is set during the 1960's America, where everything is free love and peace.. well, until it isn't. Featuring a stellar cast, and some wonderful cameos, that really help bring the meanings of these songs to new levels. They say you want a revolution!

Available to watch on Youtube and Google Play.

The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip Of Bob Weir (2014)

There ain't a band like the Grateful Dead, and their sure ain't a man like Bob Weir. Most know the magic of Weir's compatriot Jerry Garcia, but now take a dive in to the man that is Garcia's equal. The Dead have their place in history, now learn about Bob Weir's place amongst all of that.

Available to watch on Netflix.


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