something new is here..

peeple, ghosts and aliens..

we introduce

the new EP's from the Modern Days..

i shouldn't have come to this party


waking up after a bad dream

may 28th


june 4th

available via Bandcamp, Spotify & Youtube

Bandcamp pre-orders begin on Monday 17th of May

the EP's were recorded late 2019, early 2020.. pre-covid, and had been sat on the shelf for far too long. so it's time for them to see the world..

recorded in the bands own First Floor Studios, these songs deal with knowing oneself, the labours of love and acceptance for life as it, not what you dream it to be.

compared to the previous release Bubblegum Pop, this time around we see full contributions from Shane Askins on drums and Nion Geraghty on bass.

we'll have lots more news about the releases over the coming weeks.

mj & friends management

modern music recordings


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